Georgetown Improv hosts 18th annual Improvfest this weekend

The Georgetown Improv Association’s Jan. 2014 show

Imagine putting all your favorite comedians from the casts of Whose Line is it Anyway?, SNL, MADtv, and Eastbound & Down together and having them share the same stage. How many jokes could one room handle?

As seasoned Georgetown Improv Association member Emlyn Crenshaw (COL ’15) puts it: “When you get a bunch of funny or weird people together, you generally get good results—but each group has its own style, its own personality.”

This Friday and Saturday (yes, Valentine’s Day weekend), Georgetown Improv Association will host the 18th annual Improvfest in Bulldog Alley.

As Georgetown Improv Association puts it, the show is “gonna kick major ass.” On Friday, you’ll see University of Maryland’s team, The Bureau, Princeton’s Quipfire!, and your very own, Georgetown Improv Association. If you haven’t seen our home team, they’re pretty hilarious. Equipped with the tools of creating major awkwardness, poking fun at the Georgetown stereotype, and maintaining a great team dynamic on stage, the members of of Georgetown Improv will definitely bring their jokes full force this Friday alongside fellow jokesters.

On Saturday, you’ll see acts by The George Mason Improv Association, University of Florida’s Theatre Strike Force, Ohio State’s 8th Floor Improv, and (*drum roll*) Georgetown Improv, in case you missed that the first time.

The show will showcase the individual strengths of each university team and incorporate a variety of styles, including short-form games, improvised rap, and many more. Rumor has it that one of the teams attending (Quipfire!) won the College Improv Tournament Big Apple regional tournament this past fall.

Preparing for the two shows this weekend, Georgetown Improv has been practicing new styles and on-stage games to showcase their hilariousness. While improv is completely unscripted, team members practice in order to find ways to best feed off of each other’s jokes during the show. Vox enjoys watching the way team members interact and genuinely enjoy joking around together for an audience.

Nevertheless, the ability to feed off of jokes isn’t manifest only among individual teams, but even among other teams as well. As Georgetown team member Joe Luther (COL ’16) puts says, “It will be really great for the audiences to see new styles and team dynamics, but it will also be refreshing for us as a team, too.”

Show yourself some Valentine’s Day love and buy tickets for either night of the show, which starts at 9 p.m., here. Oh, and Vox has heard Georgetown Improv is notorious for throwing down after their shows, but that’s just heresay.

Video: GeorgetownImprov via YouTube

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