Alcohol amnesty clause added to Student Code of Conduct

GUSA announced Feb. 10 that the University administration has amended the Student Code of Conduct to codify alcohol amnesty for students involved in cases of sexual assault. The amendment ensures that the Office of Student Conduct will not bring charges of underage alcohol use against parties in sexual assault cases.

“Survivors should feel safe, and this policy helps to reassure them that they can safely report without the fear of sanctions for an alcohol violation,” Ben Manzione (SFS ‘15), co-director of the GUSA Student Advocacy Office, wrote in an email to the Voice.

GUPD Chief of Police Jay Gruber, however, emphasized to the Voice in September that alcohol amnesty has been standard practice in cases of sexual assault and is “not revolutionary.”

Director of Student Health Services Carol Day, nevertheless, is supportive of the codification and believes it will encourage more students to seek help of the department.

The Code of Conduct change does not, however, allow for amnesty in cases of drug use.

“GUSA may advocate for amnesty for all drugs in the future, in the case of reporting sexual assault/misconduct,” Michelle Mohr, (COL ’15), co-director of the GUSA Student Advocacy Office, told the Voice. “However, we do consider this change to be a major win because alcohol is the substance that is, statistically, most involved in cases of sexual assault/misconduct, if there is a substance involved at all.”

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