Vox gets into Treble: Music for ‘me’ time

It’s that time of year again folks! GUSA Executive campaigns have begun and the door knocking crusades are on their way! This is, of course, unfortunate for those among us who seek the quiet solace our rooms provide from the tumultuous world of campus politics.

It’s during those times when we all could use some good ol’ fashioned love songs, to lift our spirits and block out the bureaucracy. This week’s playlist predominantly features alternative musicians like Keane, Young the Giant, and A Silent Film who serenade the listener with gorgeous instrumentations and soaring vocals. But what would a romantic playlist be without a bit of Rhythm and Blues, which comes in the shape of John Legend’s “All of Me,” the third single from his newest album that showcases his dazzling vocal and prodigic piano abilities.

So lock the door and turn up the tunes. What you do after that, is all up to you.

Check out the playlist after the jump.

1. Firelight, Young the Giant

2. Hamburg Song, Keane

3. Passenger Seat, Death Cab for Cutie

4. Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix), U2

5. Sweater Weather, The Neighbourhood

6. She Is Love, Parachute

7. All of Me, John Legend

8. Aurora, A Silent Film

9. Steal His Heart, Emily and the Woods

10. Konstantine, Something Corporate


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