Residential Living announces changes to housing process (second time’s the charm?)

Don’t worry class of 2016, not too much has changed in terms of next year’s housing. Class of 2017, however, should expect a few alterations to the housing selection process. But no worries. Per usual, Vox is always ready and happy to interpret the most recent emails from the Office of Residential Services.

According to Executive Director for Residential Services, Patrick Killilee, the only key change made to the old housing policy that will apply to the class of 2016 is that rising seniors will have priority in housing selection.

“This will mean that groups of seniors will be able to select townhouses, Nevils and Village A rooftops before groups of rising juniors, as they will have better group averages that determine selection time,” Killilee said.

More rising juniors will continue receive housing eligibility than seniors, both of whom are not guaranteed on-campus housing.

Beginning with the class of 2017, the new selection process will allow students late in their second semester sophomore year to determine whether or not they are eligible for housing as seniors. The Office of Residential Services hopes that by knowing their eligibility by the summer between their sophomore and junior year, students will have more time and flexibility in their decision to live on or off campus.

On account of the timeline changes in the new policy, from next year onwards, juniors will know before Housing Selection if they are planning to study abroad in the fall. Although they will not be able to participate in the housing selection process, they will now have more time to consider other housing options.

“[The Office of Residential Services] will continue to make every effort to house returning study abroad students in the spring semester,” Killilee said.

Additional reporting by Marisa Hawley

Photo: Kathleen Tyler Conklin via flickr

One Comment on “Residential Living announces changes to housing process (second time’s the charm?)

  1. 1. i predicted this in comments on earlier articles. Maybe other people did too, it was pretty obviously the only option Gtown had.
    2. this is going to seriously change the social scene. I hope for the better. Seniors living in the townhouses could mean more/better parties overall. those of us who remember when Burleith was full of parties will always be nostalgic for that but those days are done anyway

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