Trevor and Omika also in the lead in terms of endorsements

Voting for the GUSA presidential election began a little after 9 p.m., and Vox has prepared a list of each ticket’s endorsements from various student groups and leaders at Georgetown.

Each ticket supplied Vox with a list of its endorsements. Some tickets chose to provide just the major groups that are supporting them whereas others went for the kitchen sink method and seemed to list everyone they’ve ever talked to at a Georgetown party.

Endorsements are listed below each ticket in no particular order.

Read below the jump for an exhaustive list of all the endorsements from this year’s election.

Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15)

Student groups

  • Chinese Student Alliance
  • Secular Student Alliance
  • GUTV
  • The Graduate Student Organization
  • Georgetown Boxing Club
  • Hoyas for Immigrant Rights

Group leaders

  • Joe Vandegriff (COL ’14), president of the D.C. Federation of College Democrats and former president of the Georgetown College Democrats
  • Misty Li, freshman representative for the MSB Academic Council
  • Jinyoung Lee, representative for the SFS Academic Council
  • Matt Hamblin, president of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and student representative on the Speech and Expression Committee
  • Shane Thomas (COL ’15), co-chair of Startup Hoyas
  • Justin Chapman (MSB ’15), president of Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program
  • Adan Gonzalez (COL ’15), president of the Georgetown Boxing Club
  • Alex Cave (SFS ’15), former president of the Georgetown College Republicans
  • Rodrigo González Castellanos, president of the Georgetown Mexican Student Association
  • Aya Kellam, president of J-Net
  • Mollie Rogers (COL ’17), director of Georgetown’s rendition of The Vagina Monologues
  • Anebi Adoga (COL ’16), chair of the Sophomore Class Committee and GUSA historian
  • Mackenzie Gross, Student Activities Commission (SAC) commissioner
  • Eng Gin Moe (SFS ’16), outreach director for Georgetown Women of Color and former SAC commissioner
  • Preston Marquis, secretary-general of the National Collegiate Security Conference
  • Diandre Sheridan, board member of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority

GUSA individuals

  • Chris Fisk (COL ’17), GUSA senator for VCW
  • Michelle Mohr (COL ’15), co-director of the Student Advocacy Office
  • Alyssa Peterson (COL ’14), GUSA deputy chief of staff and director of the Georgetown Student Tenant Association
  • Tom Moakley, GUSA co-secretary of D.C. relations
  • Nick Suttle, GUSA co-secretary of D.C. relations
  • Nora West, former GUSA secretary of student safety and health
  • Gabe Pincus (SFS ’14), GUSA secretary of sustainability
  • Chandini Jha (COL ’16), GUSA deputy chief of staff and chair of the Georgetown College Democrats
  • Mitchel Hochberg, GUSA undersecretary of alumni and career services
  • Makaiah Mohler (COL ’16), GUSA director of freshman outreach

Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15) and Jimmy Ramirez (COL ’15)

Student groups

Zach Singer (SFS ’15)  and Dan Silkman (COL ’15)

Student groups

  • The College Academic Council

Group leaders

  • Jennifer Chiang, former SAC commissioner
  • Sapir Yarden, president of Jewish Student Associatio
  • Augustine Eze, president of Pre-Med Society
  • Dan Corry, Dahlgren 7:30 Mass Choir co-director
  • Andi DeBellis, chair of Georgetown Day
  • Mary Bacon, GUGS president
  • Megan Murday, vice-president of the SFS Academic Council
  • Parnia Zahedi, vice-president of the College Academic Council
  • Tane Arana-Humphries, deputy chief of staff
  • Javier Gonzalez, Georgetown University Mexican Student Association treasurer
  • Cayla Fappiano, Welcome Week coordinator
  • Bryn Bogan, NSO coordinator
  • Siena Simmons, NSO coordinator
  • Mara Kelley, NSO coordinator
  • Bridget Mullen, executive director of the Georgetown University Dance Comapny
  • Sydney Davis, former NSO coordinator
  • Shilpa Chandran, Young Leader in Education About Diversity coordinator
  • Jaime Lunny, NSO captain
  • Katie Shannon, Groove Theory manager
  • Kristen Shibly, junior representative on the College Academic Council
  • Matt Fried, board member of Men’s Ultimate Frisbee
  • Casey Nolan, College Academic Council freshman representative
  • Dana Sievers, co-president of Relay For Life
  • Devin Urness, co-president of Relay For Life
  • Josh Sattel, coordinator of Grassroot Hoyas
  • Matt Chung, vi0ce-chair of the Advisory Board of Club Sports

GUSA individuals

  • David Lizza, head of the GUSA Fund
  • Kasey Ng, vice speaker of the GUSA Senate
  • Seamus Guerin, chair of the GUSA Finance and Appropriations Committee
  • Caroline Ritter, GUSA senator
  • Mandy Lee, GUSA senator
  • Meredith Cheney, GUSA senator
  • Jonathan Thrall, GUSA senator
  • Rachel Augostini, GUSA secretary for athletics
  • Guy Mentel, GUSA secretary for academics

Editor’s note: Megan Murday (SFS ’15) emailed Vox and supplied additional endorsements, which are now included above, for the Singer/Silkman ticket.

Ben Weiss (COL ’15) and Sam Greco (SFS ’15)

In an email to Vox, Greco posted a statement from his campaign about their stance on endorsements.

The Ben and Sam campaign has not actively sought the endorsement of student organizations, preferring to connect with voters on an individual level, rather than assume that common membership in a particular group means votes from group members will be the same. While we do have several groups wishing to endorse us, we would rather highlight some of the student leaders on campus backing our campaign. We are proud to have the support of student leaders from diverse groups across campus. To name just a very few of the active and engaged Hoya’s backing our ticket, we are ecstatic to be working with students like Adriana Zinn of SAPE and the Women’s Center; Patrick Musgrave, Chair of the Student Activities Commission and Chair of College Republicans; Joanie Greve, Director of Purchasing for Vital Vittles, SAPE Facilitator, and former DC Federation of College Democrats Board Member; Rashawn Davis, President of GU NAACP; Matt Castaldo, President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Will Simons, Captain of Georgetown’s Club Golf Team and Founder and President of GSWAG; Maggie Cleary, former two-time GUSA Vice Presidential Candidate, former Chair of College Republicans, and Senior Class Committee Auction Chair; John Whitmore, Member of the NHS Academic Council and ROTC Cadet; Abbey McNaughton, GUSA Senator, member of the Finance and Appropriations Committee, and Secretary of the College Academic Council; Ken Nunnenkamp, GUSA Senator and Vice-Chair of the Committee on Intellectual Life; Abby Cooner, GUSA Senator and member of the Finance and Appropriations Committee; and Tyler Bridge, GUSA Senator and member of the Student Life Committee.

4 Comments on “Trevor and Omika also in the lead in terms of endorsements

  1. They also lead in terms of breaking newly established regulations and knocking on doors at unauthorized times.

  2. Vox this is the laziest reporting I have ever seen. You copy and pasted a Hoya article and it doesn’t even look like you fact checked at all.

    Trevor and Omika’s list is complete, but you didn’t include anything about Zach and Dan. Kasey Ng, Vice speaker of the senate, Tane Arana, deputy chief of staff, Rachel Augostini, secretary for athletics, Guy Mentel, secretary for academics, Seamus Geurin, FinApp chair, many other senators, and other people in GUSA and club leaders as well (NSO coordinators, etc).

  3. @Come on:

    “Each ticket supplied Vox with a list of its endorsements.”

    … aka Zach and Dan didn’t send them to Vox, which is on them.

  4. @Come on

    We contacted each ticket. What is printed above is the list that the tickets supplied to us through email.

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