Keystone XL Pipeline student protest to begin in Red Square

Last year’s Forward on Climate Change Rally drew about 40,000.

This Sunday March 2, a group in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline will rally at GU and proceed to march on the White House. The student-led event is called XL Dissent and is aimed at recruiting young people who are opposed to the threats that flowing tar sand oil would bring to the US.

At 10 a.m. Red square will fill with a mass of students from across the country, yet there seems to be a lack of knowledge about the protest among our own students. Student representatives from dozens of schools have signed off on the group’s call to action message from their site, though not one of them is from GU.

“When I talked to some of the people planning this event, they were both surprised and apologetic that we didn’t know more about this,” Caroline James (COL ’16) of GU Fossil Free said. “They thought we had been kept in the loop.”

President Obama is responsible for this influx of students to campus according to the group’s website. At a speech he gave at GU last July, Obama said, “And someday, our children, and our children’s children, will look at us in the eye and they’ll ask us, did we do all that we could when we had the chance to deal with this problem and leave them a cleaner, safer, more stable world? And I want to be able to say, yes, we did.” The march is a direct dig at this speech, as they hope to have his words echo from the hilltop back to his home. If successful, the protest will have Obama disapprove the Northern Leg of the pipeline.

Once the protest reaches the White House, the group will host several speakers and art installations “including a large simulated oil spill,” a media contact for the group, who asked to be called Taco wrote in an email to Vox.“Then after the rally, hundreds of students will be locking themselves to the White House fence.” James ranks as one of those who is willing to face arrest.

“Students are coming from all over the country for this.” James added. “So it’s amazing that we can hop out of bed and walk on down to the White House… I’d love to see more Georgetown students come out for it.”

Photo: Georgetown Voice

One Comment on “Keystone XL Pipeline student protest to begin in Red Square

  1. Why would anyone protest a keystone pipeline? How else do you think they have $10 thirties of keystone at Dixie? I know Natty is the superior lager, but come on, $10 a thirty… I hope they build more pipelines until all beer is on pipe.

    #beerstothefuture #tisawalsh

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