Pray away the snow day: Assistant Provost did all he could to stop the cold

John Carroll is upset that no students are out playing in the snow, as they all have to go study.

In advance of the text that everyone loves to see, Assistant Provost and University Registrar John Q. Pierce sent an email around 6:15 p.m. to students notifying them that this snow day would be less fun.

His email said the University has exceeded the capacity of snow days allowed for the semester, and he suggested several ways in which professors could ensure that work goes on despite the large amount of snow beckoning us out of Lau for a rare moment of care-free fun. His suggestions include “synchronous on-line instruction,” “asynchronous on-line instruction,” and rescheduling tomorrow’s missed class during study days in May (because all students secretly want to learn even more as close to their exams as possible).

Provost Robert Groves launched an initiative to do just this at the end of January, a week after the first big snowstorm. At the time, it was unclear when the policy would be implemented.

And last week, Vox (in a rare moment of foresight she will gladly gloat over) asked administrators how many snow days were too many. Several administrators were very hesitant to give a specific number, though today it became obvious that one more was too much for the academic calendar.

It’s too bad Pierce’s prayers for warmth didn’t quite work out. Now undergraduate students must do work on this lovely day (as if it’s their fault the snow decided accumulate in such a way that classes must be cancelled). Thanks to these suggestions, Vox now has even more work for her English classes than she did before.

Though the Capital Weather Gang says there won’t be too much more snow today after about noon, it seems like there is just enough for students to build protest snowmen to show that they won’t bow to the assistant provost’s somewhat reasonable wishes and that they will still, in fact, have fun despite the University’s attempts to get us in Lau.

The full text from the Pierce’s email sent last night:

The Provost has just written to the faculty because the weather prediction for tomorrow is such that we are concerned that we will have to cancel another day of face to face instruction. We have some capacity in the spring schedule to allow for “snow days” but we have exceeded that capacity this term. If we don’t have in-person class sessions tomorrow then we will have to make up the missed class time one way or another. 

The Provost has proposed three options for the faculty.

1. Synchronous on-line instruction tomorrow during the regular class periods.

2. Asynchronous on-line instruction equivalent to the missed class period sometime between now and the last day of classes.

3. Reschedule tomorrow’s missed class on the Tuesday study day in May.

Please watch for an email or other announcement from your professor if on-campus activities are canceled tomorrow in case your class will have a synchronous on-line session during the scheduled class time tomorrow. Should your professor elect to conduct class online tomorrow during your regularly scheduled class time, you should plan to participate.

Please pray for warm weather!

John Q. Pierce

University Registrar & Assistant Provost

Photo: Ambika Ahuja/Georgetown Voice

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