Mark Your Calendars: The Real World casting call is coming up

If you’re looking to hook up on national TV, this is your lucky day! The Real World‘s casting team will be coming to the D.C. and Baltimore area in the next few weeks for a casting call. Vox hasn’t experienced this television masterpiece for herself, but according to IMBD reviews, cast members are generally thin and good looking, so GU students should fit right in.

As Vox understands it, The Real World brings seven to eight people together in one house and observes them “unscripted,” although that’s probably using the term loosely. Several reviewers lamented the show’s slow decline from a diverse group of cast members dealing with everyday issues to a bunch of hot people all trying to make out. We’ve just lost so much since the 90’s.

Although one reviewer called the latest cast members “vain, selfish, and low brow,” some of them have gone on to successful careers that many Hoyas would envy. Sean Duffy, a cast member during the sixth season, was elected to the U.S. House of Representative in 2010. (For Wisconsin’s seventh district, in case you were wondering.) Jamie Chung, one of the most successful former cast members, has gone on to an exciting acting career in films like The Hangover: Part II, The Hangover: Part III, and It Has Begun: Bananapocalypse. 

So for you budding actors (and congressmen!), this could be the big break. If you’re 20 or older, apply here for your chance to suck face on the small screen.

Photo: MTV via Flickr

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