This week in the Voice: Literary Social Justice

Cover March 6

In this week’s edition of the Voice, leisure editor Dayana Morales Gomez and Assistant leisure editor Emilia Brahm profile the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice at Georgetown – a program that blurs the line between art and activism.

Even though several award-winning authors are part of the center, including Director Carolyn Forché, recipient of a the Yale Younger Poets Prize, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and, most recently, the Academy of American Poets Fellowship, the program has been struggling to find its place within Georgetown’s policy-centric atmosphere geared toward immediate action and tangible results.

In Leisure, Shalina Chatlani and Robin Giles interview Canadian musician Mac DeMarco.

In News, Editor-in-Chief Connor Jones sits down with Georgetown’s president Jack DeGioia.

In Sports, Voices editor Steven Criss waxes lyrical about the slow pace of the ol’ ball game.

This week’s Voices section is home to a lot of lamentation:  Roey Hadar faults Congress over its failure to extend unemployment benefits.

The Editorial Board praises the youthful initiative of last Sunday’s anti-Keystone XL protest, as well as the student-centric reforms proposed by the College Board and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

Lastly, Page 13’s Dylan Cutler lays bare what certain campus groups have planned for Spring Break.

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  1. Dayyuum I just read that feature and it is so legit.

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