University holds first open forum on renovations of Ryan and Mulledy Halls

The Office of Residential Living, GUSA, and architecture firm Ayers Saint Gross led a student forum yesterday to gauge students’ opinions on the renovations of Ryan and Mulledy Halls, which will be reopened as a residence hall in the Fall of 2015.   

While both buildings will be completely renovated, the University has also made preserving the historical value of the former Jesuit Residence a top priority. Accordingly, the former Jesuit chapel and dining hall will remain intact and be used for campus ministry and as programming space. “From what we’ve heard from Georgetown and the Jesuits, those are spaces that ought to be preserved,” said ASG representative Dennis Lynch. Vox can only hope that asbestos will not be included in the University’s conservation efforts.

During the forum, the Office of Residential Living  invited students to give ideas on Living Learning Communities and event programming they would like to see in Ryan and Mulledy Halls. Many of the suggestions incorporated the University’s Catholic identity and the buildings’ historical value. Other students suggested making the residence a space devoted to inter-religious dialogue by adding features such as a kosher kitchen to appeal to students of diverse religious backgrounds.

The building will consist primarily of eight, six, and four-person suites and semi-suites, which are two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. Some of David Lynch‘s, an Ayers Saint Gross representatives, estimates for the completed dorm held a maximum of 160 beds, but was this was later reduced to 145 beds by the administration’s design for a more spacious layout to market the space to upperclassmen.

The next open forum on this project will be held on April 19, so if you have any strong feelings about the project, that’s the place to be.

Photo: Georgetown University

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