Concert Preview: Typhoon, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, and Wild Ones visit 9:30 Club

Need something fun to look forward to upon your return to the District after spring break? Vox has the perfect solution. On Wednesday, March 19, Typhoon, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, and Wild Ones will grace us with their gorgeous orchestration, moving lyrics, and whimsical pop, respectively.

While all three acts fall into the broad category of indie rock, this may be one of the most diverse set of bands you will see sharing a stage at the 9:30 Club, which is why Vox assures you that their March 19th show will be one not to miss.

Portland, Oregon collective Typhoon is most notable for the large number of people who make up the band. By “large number,” Vox means twelve. That is, twelve people playing twelve different parts on stage at the same time and sounding incredible. The size of their ensemble is something we don’t see much of in indie music, especially with the recent trend towards more minimalistic arrangements.

While you might think the size of the band takes away from the intimacy within a band, as well as its ability to connect with an audience, its pretty clear upon seeing Typhoon live that the band members are pretty close. As Devin Gallagher of Typhoon told the 9:30 Club in an interview, Typhoon is like a family of brothers and sisters, “like twelve kids who’s parents left them the house while they’re traveling in Europe.”

And the intimacy is very much there. Each of the band members of Typhoon contribute to the writing and composing process, bringing twelve different sets of very honest, real-life experiences to their collective artistic project. For example, lead singer Kyle Morton has influenced the band with his very serious case of Lyme disease, which made him suffer through multiple organ failures and near-death experiences. Actually, death is major motif in Typhoon’s newest album, called White Lighter, although masked with upbeat optimistic and their familial charm. The album has the unique ability to create a sense of catharsis, but also deliver a reality check in a way that’s not alarming, but comforting.

Typhoon will be accompanied by Portland, Maine based Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, one of Vox’s very favorites. To read a full profile of the band, see last spring’s concert preview here. Vox will say, however, that the band’s lead, Aly Spaltro, has grown as a musician and performer over the past year, without losing the gorgeous haunting and raw quality of her voice or her innocent charm.

Wild Ones, a Portland, Oregon-based electro dream-pop project, will also accompany Typhoon and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper on the 19th. As The Oregonian said in a preview for Wild Ones’ most recent album, Keep It Safe, the band brings a sense of authenticity and hope of preserving music within a commercialized industry. As vocalist Danielle Sullivan told The Oregonian, she wanted the album to be named “Keep It Safe” “as a reminder to preserve the purity there is in making music” with your best friends, not losing sight of the meaning of music and friendship in the midst of the many sacrifices you make to do it.

To purchase the $18 tickets for the show at the 9:30 Club, click here.

Photo via 9:30 Club via Tumblr

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