This Week in the Voice: Sexual assault’s long shadow

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.34.53 AMIn this week’s feature, Editor-at-Large Ana Smith turns a lens on the plight on sexual assault on and off campus as a follow-up to September 2010 Voice feature:

According to survivors, the University’s inability to talk about sex makes it difficult for the community to address sexual assault myths. “The University won’t talk about the fact that students are having sex: their sexual needs, their sexual health, that hook-up culture that’s happening, and supporting student that are in that. if we’re not having those conversations then … we can’t address the myth of this grey area between drunk sexual assault and hookups,” [Kathleen] Kelley said.

In the News section, Assistant Vox editor Ryan Greene reports on the continually-evolving ricin scare, while Assistant News Editor Shalina Chatlani breaks down the latest developments in saga of the Healy Family Student Center Pub.

In the Sports section, Chris Almeida spots a silver lining in the Hoya’s tournament travails in his weekly Sports Sermon.

Leisure’s Daniel Varghese reviews Hilltoss, the much-anticipated Corp salad store, which has begun selling salads at the GU Farmer’s Market.

In Voices, Nicole Steinberg cautions against viewing recent events in Ukraine in black-and-white.

The Editorial Board gave mixed reviews of Georgetown’s handling of the aforementioned ricin situation.

Finally, Dylan Culter of Page 13 highlights some of the more creative ways Assistant Provost John Q. Piece has tried to prevent more snow days.

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  1. I’m totally baffled by the cover art. Can someone explain?

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