FinApp budget passes after long debate in GUSA senate meeting

In addition to swearing-in Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15) as the new executives, GUSA passed the new FinApp budget proposal, which will cut out the Collegiate Readership Program, a program that places free national newspapers around campus. The bill passed with 16 votes in favor of the bill, four not, one present, and one abstaining.

GUSA Senator Seamus Guerin (COL ’16) introduced the new FinApp budget and its lengthy details.

The part of the meeting that received most debate and discussion was the FinApp Committee’s decision to cut the Collegiate Readership Program. Collegiate Readership provides those free national newspapers sitting around on campus.

According to Guerin, Collegiate Readership cost GUSA $14,000, which is the minimum cost available. It was either no cost or a $14,000 cost.

“The concerns the committees had in the past, and which the committee is now acting on this year, is that [the program] is not being used by students,” Guerin said. “Here we are paying $14,000 and we are not getting a return on our investment.”

Other senators expressed disapproval that the program was cut without looking at data about student use of the program first, however.

“It’s hard to justify a $14,000 experiment, if you will, to wait and see if the program is successful after being kept around,” Guerin said in response.

Other aspects of the budget include GUSA funding for Georgetown Day 2015 and the decision not to fund a club sports athletic trainer. Guerin explained that only one sixth of students are involved in club sports, and that the FinApp Committee found it inappropriate to pay the trainer’s salary with students’ money.

Reporting by Nicole Steinberg

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