Why so many student groups want weeks dedicated to their causes

The month of March here at Georgetown can certainly be characterized as madness—and no, sadly not the basketball kind. Unless you have had your head in the sand (or perhaps in the snow that Vox no longer will be acknowledging) for the past month, you have most likely encountered various student groups adamantly promoting their causes across campus through week-long awareness campaigns.

Starting the last week of February with United Feminist‘s Sex-Positive Week, continuing with Georgetown Water Week the first day back from spring break, and concluding with H*yas for Choice‘s aptly named Choice Week, it has Vox wondering: what’s up with all these weeks? Is there more to them than a simple attempt to get attention?

United Feminist co-chair Kim Blair (COL ’15) told Vox that it is important to dedicate a week to the discussion and deconstruction of sex-positivity as it is both a complicated and controversial issue. “It is a very complex topic; so it would actually be a disservice to try to compact all opinions and theories into just one event,” she said.

“Having a week-long cause is definitely stressful, and there were times, where the snow days made it seem almost impossible having so many events back-to-back,” Blair said.

Makaiah Mohler (COL ’16), who was involved with the planning of Georgetown Water Week, said students responded well to the multi-day campaign by filling out surveys, attending documentary screenings and discussions, and volunteering to pick up trash along the Potomac. “Overall, I think having a week’s worth of events gave students the chance to participate in a variety of events, while working around their busy schedules,” she told Vox. “We decided devoting an entire week to water issues would be a great way to highlight on each seperate day how many of our activites impact water conservation.”

H*ya’s for Choice President Laura Narefsky (COL ’14)  also stresses the importance of using the week to both heighten campus awareness and provide multiple opportunities for student engagement. “We think it is important to have this time to highlight the work we do not only on campus, but also as part of the larger reproductive rights dialogue,” she said.

Narefsky explained the last year—the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade—was the first time a stated theme was incorporated into the organization’s seventh annual Choice Week. “This year, we selected the theme My Voice, My Choice to echo the talks on free speech that have been happening on campus all year,” she said.

Vox is now inspired to continue the trend and create a Blogger Appreciation week. Possible events include a demonstration on how to properly insert gifs and a seminar discussion titled “Why Snark Matters.” Mandatory readings of Vox posts will also be included.

Photo: Georgetown Voice

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  1. How about some love for Israeli Apartheid Week in late February? You know, the week with the giant display in ICC that the Hoya saw fit to publish three articles on, but Vox couldn’t be bothered to check out.

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