GUPD apprehends suspect following burglary

GUPD announced via email yesterday afternoon that in cooperation with D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department, it apprehended a suspect involved in yesterday morning’s burglary of a University townhouse on 36th St. NW. 

According to Chief of Police Jay Gruber, the victim alerted officers to the vehicle of the suspect, Juan Carrillo. “Some of our plain clothes officers set the vehicle under surveillance. When we returned to his vehicle, we placed him under arrest,” he told Vox.

Carrillo has been charged with simple assault and theft. According to yesterday’s email to the campus community, he assaulted a Georgetown student, took the student’s handbag with force, and held the student in the basement for a short time before fleeing on N St. towards campus.

The student knew Carrillo and provided a detailed physical description to University police.

GUPD’s follow-up to its public safety alert comes after University police have told Georgetown about many burglaries occurring within and around campus seemingly without any suspects being caught.

Photo: Georgetown Voice/Miles Gavin Meng

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