ANC Wrapup: Georgetown crime increased and fracking possible in D.C.


In a string of robberies occurring in East Georgetown over the past two months, an unidentified male targeted four lone females walking alone at night in separate incidences, according to a Metro Police Department spokesman at Monday’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E meeting. The suspect has been known to carry a firearm with him, and the spokesman encouraged all members of the Georgetown community to exercise caution when walking home anywhere in the city, and to travel in groups.

These crimes account for only half of the robberies occurring in the neighborhood, since Jan. 1. In a trend consistent with crime across the city, the number of robberies in this period had risen from four to eight. All robberies committed have involved firearms. No specific information was given to the public regarding the efforts to stop such crimes, but those in attendance at the meeting were assured that the MPD is doing its best.

Also on the meeting’s agenda was the topic of fracking in George Washington National Forest. According to ANC commissioner Ellen Steury, companies that produce natural gas have explored the possibility of fracking for resources within the confines of the national park and have sought the approval of the Department of Agriculture.

The commissioner feared that since the process of fracking involves the use of hazardous chemicals that could seep into the Potomac River, the quality of drinking water might be threatened. The Potomac River is the source of all drinking water in the District of Columbia and lies within the watershed of the national forest.

The Washington City Council already voted to oppose such an action and Steury urged her fellow commissioners to do the same. She motioned that the ANC 2E urge the Department of Agriculture to prohibit natural gas companies from fracking. After a brief vote, the motion was passed unanimously.

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