Concert Preview: Summer Camp comes to DC9

As we’re quickly reaching the days of rolled down windows and highway driving, Vox suspects you’re in need of some new music to get you excited for summer. Almost as fitting as its name, Summer Camp’s sound will surely be exactly what you need.

Summer Camp, whose two members are married couple Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley, has been a buzz band since they started blogging their first songs online, which were highly reminiscent of our favorite surf rock and lo-fi synth pop bands including Best Coast, The Drums, and Tennis.

The story of how Sankey and Warmsley met evokes the same sense of a ‘summer fling’ that their music does. They first met in 2005 in Kingston, England at one of Warmsley’s shows. Upon becoming friends, Sankey gave Warmsley a mixtape including the Flamingo’s song “I Only Have Eyes for You.” Both falling in love with the song, they decided to record their own version together, which is when Warmsley discovered that Sankey was a naturally talented musician, both vocally and in her writing ability.

Their recording of “I Only Have Eyes for You” gained hype on the Internet within hours. As the told The Independent, Warmsley and Sankey uploaded the songs under the guise of a Swedish band, along with videos of “gauzy 1980s film footage” that quickly tagged them to the coming-of-age films of John Hughes. As The Independent said, “Their cinematic songs conjure up a similar world of teenage love in suburbia, as in the euphoric ‘Summer Camp.'”

Warmsley says¬†many of their songs¬†“have this obsession with the way things feel when it’s the first time you’re feeling them.” Nonetheless, they didn’t only want to sing about teenage memories of first love and first romance, because they wanted their songs to touch a wider audience. For this reason, they’ve tried to keep their romance and marriage out of their musician relationship. Warmsley says that their relationship has nothing to do with their music. Even so, living together and being as emotionally close as they are must translate into their music, which they are visibly and audibly both invested in.

Find Warmsley and Sankey’s love story heartwarming? Watch them perform together on stage at DC9 at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, April 11. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door or in advance here.


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