GU Pride hosts ninth annual Georgetown Drag Ball

This past Saturday, GU Pride hosted the ninth annual Georgetown Drag Ball, Genderfunk. Since its inception nearly a decade ago, GenderFunk has been more than just a fun night of dancing and Drag performances: it provides a safe space on campus to be gender nonconforming and demonstrates that more Georgetown students are becoming increasingly comfortable with challenging their gender expression.

What started as a relatively little-known gathering, GenderFunk—coordinated this year by GU Pride President Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15)—has now has become GU Pride’s largest event of the year. Despite the increasing popularity of GenderFunk and the decline in reported physical attacks on LGBTQ students here at Georgetown, event organizer J. Capecchi (COL ’14) points out this does not mean that heterosexism and cissexism have been eradicated from the campus community.

“Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that all of campus is a safe space, and I personally know some students who were harassed before and after GenderFunk,” Capecchi told Vox. “However, this is why GenderFunk needs to exist.”

According to Philip Tam (MSB ’14), another one of the event organizers, Georgetown’s ability to continually host this event is very unique, especially among its Catholic and Jesuit school peers, since many have struggled to host drag balls.

“Genderfunk serves as an example for LGBTQ students at schools who may not have as an accepting a community as Georgetown that it is possible to have events like these at Jesuit institutions and to keep fighting for what they believe in,” he said.

Capecchi acknowledges that while the event is consistently well attended, they hope for an even larger turn out and broader suppot base in the coming years.

“I knew a bunch of people from the LGBTQ community there, but I was additionally surprised to find allies who I wasn’t expecting to be there,” Capecchi said. “GenderFunk is a fun place for a huge variety of people, whether you dress up in drag, do something unconventional, or just want to hang out in a supportive and exciting environment.”

For this year’s GenderFunk, however, Tam told Vox that there was a fantastic turnout that far exceeded that of last spring. He hopes GenderFunk’s success only continues to grow in coming years.

Photo: Rebecca Barr/GenderFunk

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