New Verizon cell tower installed on Leavey Center

Last Friday, Georgetown Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis announced that installation of a new Verizon Wireless cellular tower on the Leavey Center had finished and is now active. The work, which began this past January, improves Verizon’s 4G network reception across campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

“We expect to see improved outdoor coverage in the south end of campus as well as some areas of the north end of campus,” Laura Horton, University Information Services communication manager, told Vox. “Upper level floors [in buildings] will likely see improved cell coverage.”

Verizon users at the south end of main campus had previously experienced coverage issues. Verizon prompted the tower’s construction and fully covered its costs. “Verizon approached us asking if they could have space on campus for a cell tower,” Horton said. “Knowing that we have areas on campus with poor coverage, we agreed.”

The tower’s construction went through multiple approval processes, including an internal review process with the Office of Planning and Facilities Management, permit applications to the D.C. government, and approval from the Old Georgetown Board.

The new cell tower is part of University Information Services’ Technology Modernization Strategy. Past initiatives under the program have included installing campus-wide WiFi networks, transitioning staff, faculty, and student emails and calendars onto the Google Apps platform, and releasing a Georgetown mobile app.

“The tower is the first step in the process of improving wireless coverage at Georgetown,” Horton said. “Verizon, as well as AT&T, have agreed to review in-building coverage for further expansion of in-building cell coverage to augment coverage gaps not addressed by the tower.”

Vox asked UIS if they could provide photos of the shiny new equipment, though Horton explained that UIS was unable to because construction work on the cell tower’s facade has yet to be complete at this time.

Photo: Georgetown Voice Archives

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