This Week in the Voice: The 2014 photo contest winners

playing outside the triple eIn the Voice’s final issue of the school year, photo takes over the feature in the annual photo contest. The winning photo, “Playing Outside the Triple E” by Trishla Jain (SFS ’15), is pretty rad and has a toy monkey in it, so Vox is a fan.

In News, Dayana Morales Gomez looks at the announcement of the new three-year on-campus housing requirement and its implications for study abroad and transfer students.

Sports’ Rob Iannaccone reviews the lacrosse team’s recent game against Marquette, where the Hoyas blew their early lead, ultimately losing 11-10.

In Leisure, Assistant Editor Manuela Tobias gives readers a peek at tonight’s film festival, hosted by GUTV. Screening only student work, “the festival is promising in content.”

Editor Dylan Cutler reminds Hoyas of the six stages of finals in Page 13.

In Voices, Halftime Leisure Editor Daniel Varghese shared his dislike of Donald Glover’s decision to be less of an actor and more of the rapper, Childish Gambino.

The Editorial Board highlights the low voter turnout at the mayoral primary as an example of District voter apathy, realizing that, unfortunately, “solutions to this problem are few are far between.”

Photo: “Playing Outside the Triple E” by Trishla Jain (SFS ’15)

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