What would Timothy Leary say: This week’s movie releases

This week, Vox wonders what legendary psychologist, psychonaut, and hippie icon Timothy Leary would think of the newest flicks. Turn on, tune in, and drop out, man.

The Other Woman

Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann,and Kate Upton get into a fight over a vaguely suave, Aston Martin-driving gentleman. He’s been playing all of them! The Other Woman looks like it wants to be a “laugh riot,” but its trailer is mediocre. Make of it what you will.

Timothy Leary says: “Don’t take LSD unless you are very well prepared, unless you are specifically prepared to go out of your mind.”

The Quiet Ones

This isn’t really one of those psychological horror movies. The Quiet Ones will give you what you want to see in a horror movie, dammit! Good-old fashioned demonic possession, blood, guts, and unexplainable spooks. It looks like it’s leaning a little too close to the “young girl becomes minion of Satan” stereotype, but whatever. The special effects look cool.

Timothy Leary says: “Monotheism is the primitive religion which centers human consciousness on Hive Authority. There is One God and His Name is _______ (substitute Hive-Label). If there is only One God then there is no choice, no option, no selection of reality. There is only Submission or Heresy. The word Islam means ‘submission.’ The basic posture of Christianity is kneeling. Thy will be done.”

Brick Mansions

Paul Walker and RZA are in this … and they seem like its only redeeming features. There are a lot of explosions, a lot of guns, and a lot of serious faces. Pow pow bang bang.

Timothy Leary says: “The universe is an intelligence test.”

Photo: Rev. Xanatos via Flickr

One Comment on “What would Timothy Leary say: This week’s movie releases

  1. Why do we waste time on Ricin and DMT when we could be making LSD? I think that counts as a liberal education.

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