Vox‘s favorite study spots for finals

Lau 4eva

Editor’s note: Vox will post only breaking news and other important developments during finals. Vox will return with the summer posting schedule following the end of finals.

Theoretically, you could complete every single one of your papers and study for all your final exams alone in your room. There aren’t any classes during study days, so why leave? It would, however, be extremely depressing, and Vox could foresee your days becoming an horrifying blur of of Econ notes, the endless graphs and charts interrupted only by a glowing MacBook beckoning you towards House of Cards.

We human beings need variety, and we also need to get out of our beds every once in a while. To encourage you noble scholars to emerge and conquer your 20-page Ethics papers, Vox is bequeathing upon you our list of the best places to study around campus. Go forth and don’t procrastinate.

Blommer Science Library. Located on the third floor of Reiss, this library is beyond whisper-quiet. This is not a place to go with your chatty roommate, unless you feel like IMing each other the whole time. The denizens of Darnall and Henle are often found in Blommer, but they aren’t the only ones who should be taking advantage of its peaceful vibes.

ICC. There are usually a lot of empty rooms at night. Do your work where you were in class just a week earlier. What fun!

Lau 2’s individual study rooms. Technically, these are intended for graduate students, but undergrads are also welcomed. Take a left as you enter Lau 2 and open the first door – you’ll find a quiet hallway and 5 cozy little study rooms. Sure, you might pine for sunlight after a few hours in one of them, and the WiFi is spotty, but the boisterous company of all your friends is just around the corner. The best thing about these rooms is the graffiti that covers every single surface that can be scratched/written/carved on. You could easily write an anthropology paper about it.

MSB (Hariri Building). If you can handle the future Goldman analysts scheming all over this place, it’s a solid spot, especially for group work. Get a friend in the MSB to reserve a room on the top floor and enjoy the view.

Baked and Wired. If you study here, you get to eat delicious treats and drink delicious coffee. Unfortunately, it’s usually insanely loud, so don’t go here if you have a Linear Algebra final tomorrow.

Dahlgren Medical Library. This is it—the holy grail, the four-leaf clover, the shimmering needle found deep within a haystack. It’s the most intense library on campus, mostly because you’re surrounded on all sides by sad, serious, and insanely stressed-out medical students. They’ll make you get to work through sheer guilt. You can’t look at people trying so hard and not want at least get started on that paper. The atmosphere here is pretty much the exact opposite of Lau 2.

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