Rejoice, new alcohol delivery service comes to D.C.

Last week, alcohol delivery service Klink kicked off their business in D.C. Klink promises cheap access to beer, wine, and liquor for anyone over 21 in the District within 20 to 40 minutes.

Klink first launched in August of last year, mainly serving up booze to the college areas of Orlando, FL. Since then, it has launched in Ann Arbor, MI, making D.C. its third location.

“D.C. marks the beginning of our aggressive expansion push, which is going to be throughout the summer,” Klink CEO Jeffrey Nadel said in a phone interview with Vox.

Nadel, a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, explained Klink’s business model. “The way it works is we have a network of retail partners throughout D.C. and what we do is we use our intelligent routing system that we’ve developed,” Nadel said. “So customers’ orders are routed based on a variety of factors and what it does is it makes sure you’re getting your order at the cheapest price, in the most affordable way possible, and the quickest way possible.”

“It’s not like we go to D.C. and try to make a deal with one store,” Nadel said. “We actually have a full-blown network, so, when you order, it’s very likely that the prices are going to be cheaper than going to the liquor store that’s down the street because of the deals we’ve made and the prices we’ve negotiated.”

According to Nadel, Klink’s carding and age verification process is very stringent. Not only do customers have to show the delivery person their ID as soon as the booze arrives, but they also need to enter their ID information as they order.

“Using Klink, in terms of age verification, is very much like the liquor store coming to you,” Nadel said. Nadel said that Klink is at least as strict, if not more thorough, than what one would expect from a liquor store or a bar.

Klink also has a flat delivery fee of $3.87, regardless of how large the order is, and Nadel said that Klink has no mark-up on retail prices.

Anyone who plans on using Klink can kiss those back-breaking runs to Safeway goodbye. Instead of being a lazy troll who doesn’t leave the house, you can be a lazy, drunk troll who doesn’t leave the house.

Photo: Courtesy Jeffrey Nadel and Klink

2 Comments on “Rejoice, new alcohol delivery service comes to D.C.

  1. So now all we need is a marijuana delivery system and college students never have to walk again

  2. But they don’t deliver Burnett’s… How are the freshmen supposed to get drunk??

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