Prefrosh Preview: Georgetown bands

The past few years have been quite successful for a few of Georgetown’s student bands. While even the biggest are still independent bands and remain relatively unknown, even within the student body, they have a strong following among some people at Georgetown.

There’s a whole group of people at school that loves putting on and going to shows, and it’s pretty easy to break into once you get here. Just keep your eye out for notices about a student show, show up, and then talk to one of the performers at the inevitable after party and say you like bands like Pile, The Smiths, or Built to Spill. No, seriously, most of these people are so friendly and so into music that that’s all it takes to get to know them.

Anyway, last fall, Gianfranco Nuschese (COL ’14), from Dagos,and Tyler Pierce (COL ’15), from The Ripplescreated GU Jam Sesh to semi-formally unite the bands and organize some shows.

The group started off the year with a couple shows with strong showings, but space and the inevitable noise complaints from neighbors to the University really limited the amount of DIY shows GU Jam Sesh could host.

A few bands, however, have found success outside of Georgetown and played a bunch of shows in D.C. Betsy and the Bicycles, a funk band comprised of graduated students, and The Ripples, a folk band, are two such bands. Both Betsy and The Ripples released great full-length albums last year and could be going places.

Mellen, another folk band fronted by Mary Ellen Funke (SFS ’15) released an EP titled “Last the Year” last summer, and it broke into the top few albums in its categories on Bandcamp that week. Funke wrote “Last the Year” by herself but has since created a full band from the friends who helped her record the EP.

Georgetown’s radio station WGTB gives a lot of great support to every student band that needs it and hosts several shows every year where student bands get a chance to play.

There are many other Georgetown bands, such as The Joads, Danny and the Dark, Giant’s Causeway, and more. Hopefully it’s a big year for the music scene.

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