Marijuana activists gather over 57,000 signatures in favor of legalization

Last January, a Washington Post poll found that 63 percent of D.C. residents were in favor of legalizing marijuana, with only 34 percent opposed. On Monday, the D.C. Cannabis Campaign took one big step towards aligning city law with the will of the people. The group presented a petition with more than 57,000 signatures to the D.C. Board of Elections, hoping to have the issue of marijuana legalization put on the November ballot.

If more than 22,373 of the signatures are ruled as legitimate, then the city’s voters will be deciding on the matter this fall. D.C. Cannabis Campaign Chief Adam Eidinger said in an interview with DCist that “more than 50 percent” of the signatures are valid, which, if true, would safely guarantee legalization a spot on the ballot.

If voters choose to legalize marijuana this November, up to two ounces of bud will be permitted for personal use, as well as up to three mature cannabis plants.

This news comes right on the heels of a setback for marijuana activists in Washington. Maryland Representative Andy Harris’s amendment to block the implementation of D.C.’s marijuana decriminalization bill passed in the House Appropriations Committee on July 25.

The decriminalization bill, which sought to reduce the racial disparity in marijuana arrests in D.C. by recategorizing possession of the drug as a minor violation rather than a misdemeanor, is now dead. Metropolitan Police Department data shows that between 2005 and 2011, 91 percent of those arrested for marijuana in D.C. were black—despite the fact that white and black residents used the drug at similar rates.

Harris’s amendment could be revoked by the House, the Senate, or President Obama, but for now, having a joint in your pocket remains a crime.

Etinger hopes that the results of the vote on legalization aren’t interfered with by the federal government like the decriminalization bill was.

“You know what countries overturn elections? China and Russia. Are we going to do this to the people that live in the capital of the United States?” Etinger said, according to DCist.

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One Comment on “Marijuana activists gather over 57,000 signatures in favor of legalization

  1. If D.C. actually does legalize marijuana how is this even fair?! My state treats it like one of the most dangerous narcotics out there and yet the same place that makes all the rules and regulations for the country it will be totally legal???

    Our founding fathers must be spinning in their graves after seeing what this country has done with this issue. Absolutely sad and ridiculous. At the very least it has been an eye opener for the rest of the nation on how politics and money are actually used against the citizens of this country.

    It’s becoming like an endless loop, everyone knows it should be legalized and taxed but the government just won’t let it go… Over and over again, just sad.

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