Prefrosh Preview: Workin’ it out

Along with GPA jockeying, Netflix binges, and drinking until you can’t feel feelings, staying in shape is among the Georgetown student body’s top priorities.

In fact, according to Business Insider’s 2014 ranking of “25 Colleges Where Students Are Both Hot and Smart,” Georgetown snatched the number four spot, and we definitely didn’t earn that prestigious honor without some old-fashioned sweat and tears at the gym.

Yates Field House is the central hub of physical well-being on campus. Yates has many options for individual and group workouts including a variety of cardio and strength training equipment, an indoor track, a swimming pool, volleyball, racquetball, and basketball courts, personal training, group fitness, and spin classes.

Apart from Yates, club and intramural sports are a great option for students who want to keep playing sports without the pressure and commitment of a varsity team. Students can also seek instruction in recreational activities by registering for non-credit recreation classes such as jazz dance, yoga, and tennis at the University Registrar.

For those Hoyas who are a bit more daring and willing to leave the safety of their dorms, Georgetown also offers a fair amount of outdoor recreational activities. Georgetown University Outdoor Education, regularly organizes trips for students to go rock climbing, white water rafting, skiing, hiking, and camping. Many students also take advantage of running and cycling routes in the area, and doing a run to the monuments is one of Georgetown’s most romanticized clichés.

The Georgetown area has abundant offerings to meet your exercise preferences. Popular spots for yogis are CorePower Yoga and Down Dog Yoga. Soul Cycle also recently opened on M Street. However, most fitness studios in the area subscribe to the belief that the number of calories you burn has a direct relationship with the cost of your membership package. Washington Sports Club offers discounted rates for students, but it essentially offers the same services as Yates. Its main advantage is that you definitely won’t run into someone that you know.

So, now that Vox has armed you with sweet, sweet knowledge about keeping active at Georgetown, go forth, noble readers, and commence the never-ending battle against the freshman fifteen.

Photo: Edson Hong via ficker

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