D.C. weed decriminalization or legalization will not change rules on campus

Marijuana decriminalization went into affect this week in D.C., despite Congress’ best attempts to stop it with their usual budgetary tricks. Laxer cannabis use laws in the District, however, will have no bearing on Georgetown’s own rules and regulations of the drug.

In an email sent to Vox, University Director of Media Relations Rachel Pugh confirmed that the legal status of marijuana in D.C. does not in any way change things on Georgetown’s property.

“Georgetown University complies with local AND [sic] federal laws,” Pugh wrote. “Federal law prohibits possession, manufacturing, [and] use of marijuana. We do not have any plans to change the student code of conduct.”

It looks like only a change in the federal status of weed will change how Georgetown handles marijuana use.

GUSA executives Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15), when asked by Vox, commented on the University’s decision not to change the Student Code of Conduct, at least for the time being.

“While we are certainly interested in the ongoing decriminalization process in D.C., and how this might affect Georgetown Code of Conduct policies, we recognize that a change in how the administration treats marijuana usage is unlikely,” Tezel and Jikaria wrote in an email to Vox. “Even the most common-sense reforms, like differentiating marijuana usage from harder drugs, will never materialize because of federal funding policies. Even in states that have legalized usage, their policies are comparable to ours for precisely this reason.”

If D.C. does legalize marijuana this November, any students who wish to flaunt their new right publicly will have to do either off campus or somewhere secluded, if they want to avoid getting in trouble.

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One Comment on “D.C. weed decriminalization or legalization will not change rules on campus

  1. It’s probably true, students will smoke copious amounts of pot on campus just as they did before the new law.

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