Prefrosh Preview: Arts at Georgetown

When it comes to career choices, Georgetown grads tend to play it pretty safe. Nearly 41 percent of the employed portion of the Class of 2012 went into financial services or consulting, and that doesn’t include everyone who’s pre-med or pre-law. Despite this pre-professional focus, however, Georgetown still attracts plenty of people who share a love for the arts, regardless of whether they someday dream of being the next wolf of Wall Street.

For starters, Georgetown has a solid theater program and was even ranked as the second best outside of New York in 2012. Last fall, the program put on a production of Hamlet complete with some jarring (in a good way) dubstep transitions and the use of some modern technology like phones and tablets.

The theater department itself is complemented by several student performance groups, including the country’s longest-running college theater group Mask & Bauble and Nomadic Theatre, which once counted Bradley Cooper (COL ’97) among its ranks.

A cappella groups have some of the most well-attended shows and programs out of all the performance groups at Georgetown, and basically every freshman has at least one friend who nervously practices for their a cappella tryouts during that first week of school. The Phantoms, The Saxatones, and Superfood are all co-ed, contemporary a cappella and, if you watched any of those three videos, are all outrageously talented. The Gracenotes are all-female and contemporary, and The Capitol Gs are all-male and contemporary. Finally, the Chimes are Georgetown’s oldest a cappella group and they perform a set of old-school songs.

Each a cappella group puts on at least one show a year and they all tend to work together and host the different shows. They’re very hard to miss.

The rest of Georgetown’s music “scene” is much less well-known, but no less creative or talented. There are a lot of student bands and, while they’re not as popular as a cappella, they put on at least a few shows apiece every year. A few groups, like Betsy and the Bicycles, even perform in off-campus venues several times a year. For a more comprehensive description of the bands check out this year’s Prefrosh Preview devoted to them.

The bands’ biggest backer is WGTB, or Georgetown Radio. WGTB hosts several shows every year, both for student performances and outside performers. In the past couple years, they brought Kids These Days and twenty one pilots to campus. They also have student DJs on from morning until night.

One of Vox‘s personal favorite art performances each year is the Vagina Monologues. Put on each year by the Women’s Center in coordination with student groups, The Vagina Monologues aims to break down some of the stigma against talking openly about female sexuality and anatomy. At times hilarious and at others sad, the Monologues is a great production. Don’t miss it.

There’s only one comedy group on campus and that’s Georgetown Improv. There are several shows per semester in addition to the annual Improvfest.

Anyone who likes to paint or film movies is out of luck when it comes to student groups. Options for those arts are limited to their academic counterparts, which provide a lot of help and support for those who do get involved.

Finally, in the interest of shameless self-promotion, the Voice runs a weekly comic strip called Page 13 as well as the paper’s cover, which is often drawn. Anyone who likes drawing or graphic design is welcome aboard.

Photo: Georgetown Voice

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