Georgetown construction update: All roads lead to Do Not Enter

Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management¬†Robin Morey, in an email to the Georgetown University community, laid out some major planning changes taking place on campus next month. To accommodate Georgetown’s various construction projects, several major roads and pedestrian pathways on campus will be rerouted or inaccessible at some point.

According to Morey, “as the fall semester begins,” Georgetown will finish construction on the Healey Family Student Center in New South, continue renovation on Ryan and Mulledy Halls, and add capacity to the Utility Plant. Additionally, Georgetown will finally start construction on the Northeast Triangle Dorm and the new athletic center.

There’s so many construction projects it could make your head spin. Morey included a link to download a map of all the construction.

Construction of the Northeast Triangle Dorm means all foot traffic on the path to the East of Reiss will be routed to the West side of Reiss. Tondorf Road between ICC and Kober-Cogan will be closed to all non-construction vehicles.

Construction for the Thompson Athletic Center means the Rosslyn GUTS bus stop will eventually be moved to directly across from the football field and cars will have a hard time getting past the tennis courts.

Finally, Utility Plant expansion means the West Road will have temporary lane closures.

All these road closures aside, each project is sure to be pretty loud. Last year, residents in New South were bothered by the Student Center construction. God help anyone on the south side of Henle who was planning to sleep in on weekdays.

Continue following Vox for more updates on each construction project as they get started this month.

Photo: Vox Populi/Ryan Greene

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