Georgetown ranks 28 in Forbes Top Colleges 2014

In this brave new world of arbitrary lists that attempt to give a number to the best academic institutions in the country, Forbes released it’s seventh Annual Colleges Ranking last week. Georgetown comes in at number 28, tucked between the Naval Academy and Wellesley College.

Forbes claims to use the best formula of ranking the top institutions and this year, the website attempts to expose the “ongoing debate between the value of small student-centric, liberal arts colleges vs. large brainy research-oriented universities closely associated with science, technology, engineering and math.”

Any students who used the ever-acclaimed RateMyProfessors for pre-registration or to rate a professor helped Forbes with its rankings. The website has paired up with The Center for College Affordability and Productivity (CCAP), which measures each institution based on post-graduate success, graduation rate, academic success, and student satisfaction (i.e. finding what schools are the most likely to bash their professors online).

While Vox thinks that ranking based even partly on reviews like these is a little sketchy, she does, however, think that Business Insider’s April ranking of the Top 25 Colleges Where the Students are both Hot and Smart does do the Hoyas justice.

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