Med school Peer-to-Peer Tutoring starts Georgetown-wide reply-all idiocy

Last Friday, in emails sent to the entire Georgetown University community, over 25 Georgetown students and alumni confirmed what everyone already knows: reply-all is a nightmare and an embarrassment. Only this time, the replies went out to the entire student body and much of the alumni network.

The anarchy began at 4:29 p.m., when Georgetown Medical School Peer-to-Peer coordinators Haley BuntingEmily Kivlehan, and Tyler Kingdon emailed third-year medical students about tutoring for second and first-year med students.

Vox isn’t quite sure how this happened, but the simple sign-up email ended up getting into the mailbox of (apparently) everyone with a Georgetown email. Everyone from current students to alumni to administrators seems to have gotten a copy of the original email.

Over the next couple hours, anyone who replied to the message also ended up sending an email to the whole school, and there were some hilariously confused responses.

Take this email from Nader Nekvasil.

I’m not an M1, an M2, or an M3 but free food sounds good to me.

Lawrence Slusky definitely should not have gotten the email.

I’m a teenage mutant ninja turtle. Also, I’m pretty sure this was sent in error to a significant amount of recipients. Hoya Saxa!

Wendy Wilson tried to stem the flood of reply-alls. Apparently the irony of what she was doing was totally lost on her.

Please hit reply and not reply all people, if you’re responding to this email!

Within an hour of the original email, the University’s Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis sent out a separate email telling everyone to stop acting like morons. “You just received an email for peer-to-peer tutoring mistakenly sent to all of Georgetown due to an error on an email list. The error has been fixed. Please disregard the message,” Davis wrote.

Well, thank the gods of the interwebs that that was solved quickly. At least Georgetown can be thankful that things didn’t end up like NYU’s own email disaster back in 2012 in which almost 40,000 people were subjected to literally thousands of email responses and trolls.

Photo: Sean MacEntee via Flickr

One Comment on “Med school Peer-to-Peer Tutoring starts Georgetown-wide reply-all idiocy

  1. How does this even happen? And how the hell do they figure it out and put a stop to it within an hour? Damn, give that CIO a medal. She put those morons at NYU to shame.

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