Prefrosh Preview: The four schools

Just because you won’t get enough acronyms dumped into your life upon your arrival to the Hilltop tomorrow, Vox will add four more: COL, SFS, MSB and NHS. You’re sure to see them attached to alumni names on Wikipedia, the plaques outside of classrooms, and on name tags.

Let’s start with the NHS, because Vox knows you have absolutely no idea what N.H.S. stands for (although, hopefully, a vague idea of what it is).


Natural Hegemony Sucks? No Ham Salad? No Home Schooling? Oh—that’s right: Nursing and Health Studies. The School for Nursing and Health Studies began its life as the Georgetown University Hospital Training School for Nurses in 1903 as an adjunct to the recently founded Georgetown Hospital. By 1951, it had transformed into a four-year school within the University, as we know it today.

Majors include Health Care Management and Policy, Human Science, International Health, and Nursing. If you’re looking for it, the NHS can be found in St. Mary’s Hall, behind Darnall Hall.


M-S-Bros are the ones who will be employed when they graduate. While the MSB students have a reputation for being the frattiest undergraduate school on the Hilltop, they also have the confidence to back up their swagger. The McDonough School of Business is the best undergraduate business school for finance in the country, as well as various MBA Programs. There are six majors in the MSB, including Accounting, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Operations, and Information Management and Management, Leadership, and Innovation. Unofficially, we all know they’re minoring in Getting Reservations at Dorsia.

The MSB is located in the new and totally gorgeous Hariri Building, which (insider trading tip) is also a great spot to study.


While the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service students may not be able to afford “playful, but mysterious little dishes” at Barcadia (which is at least twice as expensive as Dorsia), they’ll definitely be the most powerful members of your graduating class (or, they’ll be a consultant). Presidents, kings, and senators have all passed through the ICC’s Atrium. SFSers follow a core curriculum for the first two years, at which point they pursue concentrations within their major programs, things like CULP (Culture and Politics), STIA (Science, Technology, and International Affairs) and International Politics.

There’s also a School of Foreign Service campus in Qatar which follows the same curriculum.

The College

In case you were wondering, I did save the best for last. The College is the OG, traditional, liberal-arts side of Georgetown. The first one on the Hilltop. Top (bull)dog. If the NHS is Hufflepuff, the MSB is Slytherin (in the best way—more ambition than cunning), and the SFS is Ravenclaw, the College is Gryffindor. No, Georgetown is not Hogwarts. No, Healy looks nothing like the Castle. No, Jack DeGioia is definitely not Albus Dumbledore. Even so, that should give you an idea of each schools’ personalities. The College is home to awesome science majors like neurobiology and physics, as well as awesome liberal arts majors like Russian, Arabic, English, and Medieval Studies.

As far as where you can find the College, it’s really, well, all over. Pre-major academic deans are on ICC 3, but you might find upperclassmen deans in Healy or Car Barn, too.

T-minus one day until arrival, freshmen and transfers. Are you ready? Vox sure is.

Photo: NCinDC via Flickr

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