Breaking News: Bao Bao reaches her first birthday in spite of herself

The District erupted into a state of pandamonium this week when Bao Bao, the resident panda cub at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, turned one year old last Sunday.

During her first 365 days on Earth, Bao Bao gathered numerous, great accomplishments. She lead several panda uprisings in Western China, she once won an award for her work on creating sustainable bamboo farming, and has just generally forwarded the cause of world peace. “Stay sleepy, my friends,” was her response when HONY’s Brandon Stanton asked her what piece of advice she would give to a large group of people. In short, she is simply the most interesting panda in the world.

Bao Bao’s greatest achievement by far, however, was that she somehow managed to avoid tumblng to her death. In honor of her birthday, DCist complied video footage of all the times Bao Bao has fallen over, and Vox agrees that nothing could more appropriately honor Bao Bao on her special day, nor could anything more accurately show how absurd it is that pandas can actually survive in nature.

h/t DCist

Photo: Connor Mallon via flckr

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