GUSA secures four-year on-campus housing guarantee for students with high financial need

Last week, GUSA executives Trevor Tezel and Omika Jikaria announced a new policy guaranteeing four years of on campus housing to students with high financial need.

In an interview with the Voice, Tezel and Jikaria explained that, prior to this change, students with high financial need who did not secure on-campus housing eligibility for senior year were only partly compensated for rent, leaving them to find a Georgetown-area house or apartment that was possibly more expensive than on-campus housing.

Tezel described the change as “righting a wrong,” and explained that the issue was brought to his attention when it happened to a close friend.

Tezel and Jikaria also acknowledged that this was a part of the compromise they came to with the university, increasing the population that will be present on campus.

It is unclear yet how many students will benefit from this policy, as the exact definition of “students with high financial need” has not yet been set. Tezel and Jikaria said that the details of the policy should be available before the 2015-2016 housing eligibility process.

Photo: Charleston’s via Flickr

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