Mr. Smith’s replacing Chadwick’s on K Street


After over 40 years of piano sing-alongs and garden patio dinners, “the friendliest saloon in town,” Mr. Smith’s, will be closing by the end of the month.

That doesn’t mean all has come to an end for this Georgetown institution. Mr. Smith’s will stay in Georgetown and will occupy the space currently occupied by another longtime Georgetown bar, Chadwick’s, which will be closing on August 31.

According to Mr. Smith’s general manager Juan Andino, the Boston based landlord is raising the rent, which they can no longer afford, forcing them to make the transition from M Street to K Street.

Chadwick’s is located on 3205 K Street NW and has been around since 1967. Despite its longtime presence in Georgetown, there are no immediate plans for the bar to reopen elsewhere.

Photo: Eddie Welker via Flickr

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