Washington Post editorial board will no longer use the Redskins’ name

On August 22, the Washington Post‘s editorial board decided to stop using “Redskins” to describe D.C.’s friendly, more-than-a-little-racist neighborhood football team and joined a growing chorus of dissenting voices in the media and government about the controversial name.

“We don’t believe that fans who are attached to the name have racist feeling or intent, any more than does Mr. Snyder,” the board wrote as part of its justification. “But the fact remains: The word is insulting. You would not dream of calling anyone a ‘redskin’ to his or her face. You wouldn’t let your son or daughter use it about a person, even within the privacy of your home.”

The editorial board had, as early as March, 1992, advocated for the team to change its identity and made a clear stance against the name, which it believes to perpetuate an offensive and embarrassing stereotype of Native Americans.

Vox has observed, in the past few months, that more and more organizations and public individuals have spoken out on the football team’s use of the ‘Redskins’ name.

In June this year, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office found the name “Redskins” to be a racial slur and cancelled the team’s trademark registration for that name.

On August 14, however, the team filed an appeal in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia against the decision. “By canceling valuable, decades-old registrations, the Board improperly penalized the Washington Redskins based on the content of the team’s speech in violation of the First Amendment,” it said.

Only time will tell, it seems, if team owner Daniel Snyder will cave into growing public pressure against the name.

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2 Comments on “Washington Post editorial board will no longer use the Redskins’ name

  1. SARCASM: I wonder if The Post has considered the fact that with Michael Sam now in the NFL, many parts of other team names may join the brouhaha over the Washington Redskins’ name. Certainly the term “Rams” in the St. Louis Rams’ team name now is sexist and implies gender bias. In keeping with the new socially and politically correct world that condemns prejudicial and bigoted terms that compromise civil rights, shouldn’t The Post now condemn such terms too? In fact, shouldn’t The Post develop a list of all sports teams and ferret out the parts of names that insult, demean or otherwise may be perceived as hurtful to gays and lesbians? For example, many team names contain the term “Bulls” or “Stallions” or “Gamecocks” or “Cowboys” and on and on? How ‘bout it? Shouldn’t The Post lead big media in this campaign by thinking it through? SARCASM OVER.

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