Just the Tip: It’s all downhill from here

Dear Connor,


I’m a freshman and I was at Leo’s all for this first week of classes, and I realized how awful it really is. It’s packed, no one who works there gives a damn, and the food is unbearable. Does it get better? Is this just the beginning of the year rush or do I need to just stick it out until I can get my own kitchen some other year?


Help me,
Frustrated Foodie

Dear Frustrated Foodie,

It does not get better. In fact, it will get worse. The “beginning of the year rush” is a time when Leo’s at least pretends like they care about your dining experience (and yes, this is them pretending to care), but they’ll get burnt out soon and start serving things like catfish lasagna, hamburger casserole, and other hellish poisons. You’ll get bullied into eating fried food because there are no other reasonable options.

If you wipe a white napkin on the interior of a wet hot cup, you’ll see that it comes out brown. If you use too many dishes, a regrettable oaf with a thin goatee will accuse you of stealing in a way that attempts to convey both “I’m an authority figure who has caught you red-handed” and “I’m a cool dude who totally gets it” with resounding failure. Your egregious $15 meal will only get shamelessly worse and worse throughout the year, and it will drive you nuts. That being said, Leo’s is a great place to socialize, but that’s the extent of its merit. I’d like to advise you to rid yourself of Leo’s, but as a freshman, you’re stuck with this infernal meal plan and don’t have a kitchen, so you don’t have another option. You’re in it for the long haul, so what advice do you really want?

Yeah, wait, what are you even asking?

Dear Connor,

I’ve started my sophomore year off a little differently by trying my hardest to get into higher level classes, the ones that everyone says are “impossible” to get into. I’m currently down on about 8 wait-lists and I’m emailing professors like crazy. Do you have any tips on getting into these classes? Is there some trick I’m missing or should I just hold off on taking these courses until senior year?


Dear Wait-Listed,

It sounds like you already got a bunch of advice from others, advice that you didn’t take because you didn’t like it, and now you’re screwed and want me to tell you something different. My only advice to give on this matter (assuming that you aren’t willing to strong-arm them) would be to go to the classes, talk to the professors one on one, try to charm them into letting you take the class, and maybe consult an on-campus oracle for guidance. You’re in a tough situation, but ultimately, you’re at the mercy of the professors and may have to take some second or third choice classes now.

Good luck, pal!

5 Comments on “Just the Tip: It’s all downhill from here

  1. Yes, the workers should give more damns than they do. I mean its not as if they get paid barely enough money to just get by preparing and serving food to coddled privileged young assholes who though barely out of high school are probably far more accomplished than they could ever hope to be. Seriously, we should at least expect them to manage a cheery smile when they’re standing for god knows how long looking straight in the eyes of mindless seersucker drones who could never even begin to imagine the monotony of working there and who on a daily basis serve as a painful reminder of the sort of privilege and comfort that they continually strive for and envy and yet know that they could never even come close to attaining. We should talk to GUSA about this, nay, lets take this to the top. I’m sure once DeGioa gets a few irate phone calls from concerned parents he’ll get right on the case.

  2. you would get fired from a restaurant instantly (where you’d probably get paid the same as Leo’s pays you) if you treated customers the way Leo’s workers treat students. it’s Aramark that’s the problem (for being assholes), but by and large Leo’s workers wouldn’t make it a day in the regular food service industry

  3. ^^http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facepalm#mediaviewer/File:Paris_Tuileries_Garden_Facepalm_statue.jpg

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