Chris Brown pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault in D.C. court

Remember when a certain pop star was every teenage girl’s heartthrob back in 2007, when the closest thing to violence was his lyrics to “Kiss Kiss?”

It’s been a long, down-hill road for Chris Brown. The former beloved heartthrob, pleaded guilty in a D.C. Superior Court on Tuesday for a misdemeanor assault charge. Brown, along with his body guard Christopher Hollosy, struck Parker Adams, a Maryland resident, outside of the Park at Fourteenth nightclub during Howard University’s homecoming festivities last October, when Adams attempted to take a picture of himself (often referred to as a “selfie”) with Brown.

A word of advice to all selfie-seeking fans: if the celebrity cannot even respect the likes of Rihanna, he probably does not want a picture with you.

“I would like to say to the court, I’m sorry,” Brown said to the judge on Tuesday.

While prosecutors agreed not to charge Brown with jail time, he isn’t done with his time in the District quite yet. Adams has filed a $1.5 million civil lawsuit against the selfie-hating delinquents.

If you’re still in the phase of “chucking up the Deuces,” Vox advises you best get over it because it does not look like Chris Brown will be the headliner in this year’s spring concert.

Photo: Brittany Akins via Flickr

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