This Week in the Voice: A deeper look at the NHS

nhsIn this week’s feature, Marisa Hawley dives into the corridors of St. Mary’s Hall to take a closer look at the small but proud school that is a mystery to Georgetown’s future investment bankers and consultants:

“There is a community of undergraduates intently studying pathophysiology, microbiology, and numerous other complicated fields that the majority of Georgetown students will never encounter during their time at Georgetown. Some of these students had already performed their first head-to-toe patient exam at the University Hospital as early as the spring semester of their freshman year. Upon graduation, many will go on to work for reputable organizations like Accenture, Teach for America, and Children’s National Medical Center, becoming the leading nurses, doctors, policy makers, and researchers of the medical profession. They are passionate, proud, and far too often, underappreciated.”

News gives us a sneak peek of the Healey Family Student Center, slated to open tomorrow, and investigates three new smartphone apps that University Information Services is promoting to the student body.

Leisure reviews a hipster establishment on Wisconsin Ave. NW, Lunchbox, and wonders whether its every meal should be served to its customers in a cardboard box.

Sports takes a look at our women’s soccer team dominating North Carolina State this past weekend.

In Voices, Lara Fishbane criticizes the subtly menacing message of natural beauty in product advertisements.

The Editorial Board expresses its disappointment to the U.S. Department of State for denying visas to Syrian refugee actresses, who were slated to perform at Georgetown in late September.

Last, but not least, Page 13 analyzes the unscrupulous Corp employee of fall 2014.

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