Georgetown El Centro finalist for America’s best restroom

You heard that right. El Centro D.F., a Richard Sandoval restaurant with locations on 14th Street and in Georgetown, might have the best bathroom in the country.

In a goofy and brilliant marketing ploy, facilities and service company Cintas has put together a poll to determine the best bathroom in America. (But not to fear, Canadians, there’s a poll for you, too.) The winning bathroom gets lots of spa treatments like a “Deep Clean” and $2,500 of credit to spend on restroom cleaning and supplies.

According to Mirror, we spend more than nine hours in a bathroom per week, so it’s important that it doesn’t suck. Vox‘s criteria for a bathroom include: cleanliness (duh), isolation, soundproofed walls, hand towels (not hand dryers), and inoffensive odor. If you can’t make it the six blocks to El Centro D.F., Vox recommends you try out our five favorite bathrooms on campus:

1. President John DeGioia‘s off-limits, locked bathroom. Vox hasn’t been in there, but it is a real place in Healy.

2. The future John R. Thompson Jr. Intercollegiate Athletics Center bathrooms. It’s the Dorsia of all campus bathrooms. You can only get in if you’re a student athlete, practically guaranteeing cleanliness and exclusivity.

3. Vox‘s little sister’s floor bathroom on Harbin 2, because—Vox kids you not—she cleans it herself multiple times per week, even though Georgetown employs a full-time cleaning service for student dorms.

4. Davis Performing Arts Center bathrooms. Huge, isolated, and rarely used. Totally clean, too.

5. Lau 4 bathrooms after midnight, before 4:00 a.m. Literally nobody is there.

If you feel strongly, though, that El Centro D.F. a bathroom eclipses all of Vox‘s on campus picks, you should go vote here.

3 Comments on “Georgetown El Centro finalist for America’s best restroom

  1. I’m on the verge of tears as I arrive at the Lau 1 bathroom since I’m positive the handicap stall will be taken. But it’s not. Relief washes over me in an awesome wave.

  2. The bathrooms in Leavey by the Athletics HoF are usually wonderful, too. Essentially an unused, high-end hotel bathroom rather than the standard ones elsewhere on campus.

  3. I went to the restroom in the Healey Center yesterday and almost passed out from shock. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL.

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