Vox Gets Into Treble: Driving playlists for driverless cars

Now that we know that plural Priuses are actually Prii, Google feels pretty comfortable lobbying for driverless cars to be legal. Although you can turn your Audi A4 into a driverless car, like, now, let’s be honest: the people who really need the bragging rights are the Prius drivers. If you’ve got an Audi, you’re already set.

But you know who isn’t? BMW. Like Audi, Google, and Cadillac, BMW is jumping on the driverless car bandwagon. So much for the Ultimate Driving Machine. Perhaps a re-branding is in order–would anyone buy the Ultimate Driverless Machine?

In requiem for long drives up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway to you, Jane Hoya), here’s a driving playlist that doesn’t require a car.

1. “Behind the Wheel (Live at 101)” by Depeche Mode

2. “The Passenger” by Iggy Pop

3. “I Am A God” by Kanye West

4. “Little Red Corvette” by Prince

5. “Sex Drive” by Kitten

6. “Car Wash (Single Version” by Rose Royce

7. “Shout (Unlike Pluto Remix)” by Tears For Fears

7. “Car Radio” by twenty one pilots

8. “Autobahn (1974)” by Kraftwerk

9. “Low Rider” by War

Photo: epSos .de

One Comment on “Vox Gets Into Treble: Driving playlists for driverless cars

  1. What!?! You create a driving playlist and don’t include one Bruce Springsteen song!?! Didn’t your parents teach you anything!?! You could have chosen – Thunder Road, Racing in the Streets, Born to Run, Cadillac Ranch, Wreck on the Highway, Stolen Car, Drive all Night, Working on the Highway, Pink Cadillac…..

    I want a refund of my Vox subscription!

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