D.C. area has highest housing costs in the country

A new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that Washington D.C. and the surrounding area have the highest overall housing costs in the US. D.C. even beat out former champion of outrageous rent stories New York City, a move that is sure to revolutionize cocktail party rent chatter all along the East Coast.

This is perhaps unsurprising news to anyone who pays a rent or mortgage in D.C., which comes in at an average of $17,603 every year.

As City Paper points out, however, it’s all about how you run the numbers. Accounting for rent or mortgage payments alone, the most expensive city is actually San Francisco at $17,773 annually. But it’s the other costs, like the $2,433 per year that Washingtonians pay in household furnishings and equipment, and the $4,413 they pay in utilities that shoot D.C. to the top of the list.

So for any seniors who are now rethinking their plans to stay in D.C. after graduation, here are some of the cities with the most affordable housing in the country. (Vox cannot, however, vouch for quality of the nightlife).

Louisville, Kentucky has a median rent of $727 per month, and apparently a slogan of “Keep Louisville weird.”

Arlington, Texas has a median rent of $713 per month. It doesn’t have a public transit system but it is home to the Dallas Cowboys stadium.

Tucson, Arizona has a median monthly rent of only $628 and is one of the sunniest places in the country

Rent in Wichita, Kansas is only $623 a month. And what the city lacks in metropolitan appeal it makes up for with Midwestern charm. (And heavy industry).

Photo: Bureau of Labor Statistics 

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