This Week in Halftime: Free D.C. explorations, gingers, and sport psychics


This week, the adventurous and informed Halftime writers break the Georgetown bubble and shift America’s mind from football with keen baseball and basketball predictions.

Katherine Landau discovers an off campus gem beyond the shackles of M and Wisconsin in the first part of her series of Kath’s Free Adventures in D.C.

My goal is to flee the Hilltop and branch out beyond the Smithsonian and the Mall to find fun things to do without spending a cent. And perhaps one day you can all join me, but for now I have to convince you why.

Simone Wahnshaft reviews the concert of everyone’s second favorite British ginger (second to Ron Weasley), Ed Sheeran.

It was a concert that displayed his talent in only the best of ways and considering I’ve still got Sheeran playing through my headphones as I walk to and from classes, I’d say his request has been thoroughly fulfilled.

In the world of sports…

Max Borowitz attempts to foresee what will happen this season in the unpredictable world of the NBA, specifically the Southeast Division with the Lebronless Miami Heat.

In one of surprises of the offseason, the Southeast division has become one of the league’s least predictable, with some serious potential to produce surprises come playoff time.

As conversations shift from homeruns to touchdowns, Joe Laposata makes his final baseball predictions before teams clinch their spot in the playoffs.

We’re another week closer to the playoffs and everybody else is watching football. But I still love America’s pastime, so here’s another week of baseball analysis:

Photo: Katherine Landau/ Georgetown Voice

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