Homophobic assault of student draws response from GU Pride

A GUPD email sent on Saturday afternoon alerted the Georgetown University community to a bias-related assault that occurred on Saturday at 1:30 a.m. A student and two friends were walking on the 3300 block of M Street when an unknown assailant made a derogatory comment about sexual orientation and attacked the student.

The student was injured and was brought to the hospital after MPD responded. The victim’s status was “receiving medical treatment” at the time of GUPD’s email.

The suspect was described by witnesses as a 30 year-old, Middle Eastern male.

In response, the GU Pride Board addressed the incident in their weekly email and decided to dedicate their first general membership meeting to a discussion about safety concerns for the LGBTQ community at Georgetown.

“This friday night, a member of our Georgetown community was heckled with pejorative terms and attacked in part because of their perceived sexual orientation,” the Board wrote in their email. “Hate crimes trigger every LGBTQ Hoya because of our history, and the safety of any LGBTQ person outside of our campus is a nation-wide concern.”

The GU Pride Board is happy with the way the Georgetown student body has responded to the assault.

“The response thus-far, a united outrage from the campus community, affirms that these actions are unacceptable to every Hoya,” the Board wrote. “Unlike many of the hate crimes of the past that we may now recall, this act wasn’t one that came out of divisions in our student body, and was one even further outside the gates. We hope that all LGBTQ Hoyas feel that within the gates, they are surrounded by allies and advocates.”

Pride’s first meeting will be held on September 25 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in a location yet to be determined.

As of Sunday night, Georgetown has not released any information or statement about the assault, aside from the GUPD email.

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