They’re back: GUSA talks multicultural council and says goodbye to Greco

GUSA held its first general senate meeting on Sunday. The year got off to a rocky start when GUSA’s usual room, Healy 106, was taken by a class. The senate evacuated down the hall to a different classroom, where they discussed the possibility of removing cultural groups from under SAC and wished GUSA Senate Speaker Sam Greco (SFS ’15) farewell on his last Senate meeting.

GUSA President Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) began the meeting by running through the list of changes and agreements he and VP Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15) reached with the administration over the summer: new policies concerning sexual assault and freshman year conduct violations, office hours with top administrators, and four years of guaranteed housing for students with high financial need, to name a few.

Tezel also touched on the new multicultural council, which has a town hall coming up on September 23.

“They are leading a working group that includes the Provost committee, as well as CSE and SAC to look at the potential for a cultural board for cultural groups and to take them out from under SAC,” Tezel said.

“The feedback that we have started to get was that there were issues with SAC, as it was structured, that was making it so that cultural groups weren’t being represented,” Tezel said.

The GUSA Senate also took the time to wish Greco a farewell from his post as Senate Speaker, which he served as last semester. He will now work for the GUSA executive as a senior adviser.

Finally, the GUSA Senate tackled the problem of unreliable card swiping at Leo’s. Lately a glitch in the card swiping system has prevented students with block plans from using additional meals from swiping in friends. The Leo’s staff knows about the problem and will now let students with block plans swipe in as many friends as they’d like.

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