Capital Bikeshare announces expansion after biggest summer yet

After a record-breaking summer with over 1,000,000 bike rides since June 1, Capital Bikeshare will be expanding their presence in the D.C. area. The company’s expansion comes in the face of numerous setbacks and problems with vendors.

In a blog post last Tuesday, the District Department of Transportation announced that they have ten new stations to set up in and around D.C. before the end of the year, and that they are considering twelve locations for this new infrastructure.

This past summer, Capital Bikeshare sold more than 320 thousand rides in the month of June alone, the highest amount since the service began operation in 2010. Capital Bikeshare put in an order for 40 new bike stations and four hundred new bikes in February. However, orders for more stations and bikes were put on hold in January when Montreal-based company Public Bike System Co., which manufactures the stations and bikes used by Capital Bikeshare, filed for bankruptcy.

Additionally, Alta Bicycle Share, the company that operates Capital Bikeshare, is looking for a new manufacturer, creating further setbacks for its D.C. branch.

Because of the unavailability of new bikes, Capital Bikeshare bought 25 stations and 250 used bikes, from the city of Ottawa. The Ottowa bike share program uses the same equipment as Capital Bikeshare.

While D.C. transportation planner Jim Sebastian said that the 25 used stations were the only planned expansion until spring, DDoT said in their blog post that they hope to plan 40 or more new stations by Spring 2015.

Photo: Mr.TinDC via Flickr

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