White House launches “It’s On Us” sexual assault prevention campaign

The White House began its set of initiatives titled “It’s On Us,” last week, which aim to prevent all types of sexual assault on America’s college campuses. Over 200 colleges, including Georgetown, and many businesses have joined the program.

It’s On Us attempts to alter the common view of sexual assault as a crime limited to a victim and an attacker to a viewpoint that all of society has a part to play in preventing sexual assault, which President Barack Obama called “an affront to our humanity” during his presentation.

“As the latest CDC report on preventing campus sexual violence shows, wide-ranging, population-based strategies like bystander intervention—which address individual, community, campus, and societal-level factors—have the greatest potential to effect positive and meaningful change,” the White House press office wrote in a report.

Georgetown’s administration is all but jumping up and down to show their commitment to the It’s On Us campaign. Both President John DeGioia (COL ’79) and Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson sent emails concerning sexual assault the day before the White House launched It’s On Us.

“In recent months, we have worked hard to provide new resources to educate and support students and our community,” DeGioia wrote. “We have enhanced our student-led programming, with the student-produced play focused on handling difficult situations and ‘I Am Ready’ peer discussions at New Student Orientation. We have added additional staff in Health Education Services to support our students, and earlier this year launched a centralized online resource for our community at sexualassault.georgetown.edu.”

Video: The White House via YouTube

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