H*yas for Choice removed from front gates by GUPD

A Georgetown University Police Department officer removed H*yas for Choice from the sidewalk outside the University’s front gates yesterday. The unrecognized group was protesting a ceremony occurring in Gaston Hall, where Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington, was granted an honorary degree by Georgetown.

“He’s made a lot of homophobic comments in the past,” H*yas for Choice President Abby Grace (SFS ‘16) said in an interview with Vox. “Our decision to table stemmed from the dual motive of making it clear that we exist, that we’re a group of people with a voice, and that we disagree with a lot of the things that Cardinal Wuerl has done.”

The removal was a painful reminder to H*yas for Choice members of an incident last semester, when students tabling in front of Healy Hall were forced to move to the exact spot they were expelled from this Monday. In an interview with Vox, H*yas for Choice Vice President Vincent DeLaurentis (SFS ’17) said that no sufficient explanation was given for their expulsion.

“I asked the officer why we had to move, and he provided zero clarification,” DeLaurentis said. “He said he didn’t really know why but that he was getting orders from his superiors.”

According to DeLaurentis, the officer provided the group with three options for relocation: Red Square, outside Lauinger Library, or Copley Lawn, which H*yas for Choice eventually settled on.

“By moving us to Copley Lawn, they [GUPD] interfered with our ability to get our message across and engage with the people attending the conference,” DeLaurentis said.

The group tabled in peace on Copley Lawn for about an hour and a half before the same GUPD officer notified them that they could return to their previous place on the sidewalk. This only occurred, however, after the degree-granting ceremony had begun and the flow of attendees through the front gates had stopped.

According to DeLaurentis, a man identified as the officer’s superior told the group that they had to be following the “three-feet rule,” meaning they had to leave three feet in between their table and the edge of the sidewalk. The officer that ejected the group earlier did not measure the space or mention the three-feet rule. DeLaurentis said H*yas for Choice were in compliance with the rule before they were initially removed.

“They [GUPD] did something wrong and then they tried to find an excuse to cover for it,” DeLaurentis said.

In a press release sent out this afternoon, Georgetown University Student Association President Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Vice President Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15) decried GUPD’s response.

“What happened yesterday appears to be a clear violation of the MOU [memorandum of understanding] reached between GUSA leadership and Dr. Olson last semester,” Tezel and Jikaria wrote. The MOU extended free speech protections throughout campus, but the incident yesterday took place on public property maintained by the District of Columbia, not Georgetown. GUPD Chief Jay Gruber did not respond to requests for comment at the time this post was published.

Grace and DeLaurentis expressed concern for the future of free speech at Georgetown if student groups continue to face the threat of arbitrary relocation.

“We’ve taken every step possible to try and be respectful and rule-abiding,” Grace said. “The fact that we intentionally set out to table in a place we were sent to last semester … We’re trying very hard to cooperate, and it’s just not working.”

“The university is paying lip service to the idea of free speech while actively implementing means to repress substantive speech,” added DeLaurentis.

Photo: Abby Grace/H*yas for Choice

8 Comments on “H*yas for Choice removed from front gates by GUPD

  1. “The MOU extended free speech protections throughout campus, but the incident yesterday took place on public property maintained by the District of Columbia, not Georgetown.”

    No, campus extends outside the front gates. The new magis row and villiage b are on campus too. The front gates don’t demarcate campus borders.

  2. @Factchecker

    Georgetown owns some townhouses and it owns Village B but it does not own the fucking sidewalk next to 37th Street. That’s public property.

  3. They say it’s on campus as far as “free speech” is concerned and off campus as far as our neighbors are concerned dope

  4. yeah to be clear, Georgetown does NOT own sidewalks outside the front gates. Out there, you can protest your heart out with all the pictures of dead fetuses you want.

  5. I mean… DOPS (I refuse to call them GUPD) is full of morons who don’t know the rules or much of anything else. Double-digit IQ & triple-digit paycheck. What else is new?

  6. It doesn’t matter who owns the sidewalk. Campus rules still apply… because it is on campus.

    I mean the rules are pointless and arbitrarily enforced, but there’s no use in pretending that students standing outside the front gates are somehow exempt from said arbitrary enforcement.

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