Twuesday Tweetacular: Bill Clinton wins the #tbt game


Well Ellie Yaeger, this would probably result in the immediate arrest of drunken freshmen from Darnall, incapable of walking back to campus from Prospect Street.

Vox feels you Georgetown Hot Mess. There’s nothing like looking back at your 8th grade Facebook and cringing at your comments with way too many letters per word, constant statuses with too many smiley faces, and excessive amounts of picnicked photos from the braced days of puberty.

The fact that this article includes the other Big East bulldog, Butler Blue, as well as Syracuse’s Otto the Orange over Jack, takes away the legitimacy of any ESPN article again. Vox demands a retraction.

To all of you who are just fishing for likes and favorites on social media posts, Bill Clinton just beat you with the coolest #tbt ever.

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