Just the Tip: Buy glasses and don’t bother with contacts

Dear Connor,
I’ve had this issue where every time I go out… I black out. I’ve tried altering my drinking choices, I’ve started to drink later in the night, and I’ve even tried eating more… but I just can’t shake this lack of memory in the evening. I want to make my nights at Georgetown memorable… and I don’t even know if I’m having fun. What do I do?

Blackout Queen

Dear Blackout Queen,

That’s dangerous what you’re doing to yourself!  “Eating more” and “starting to drink later in the night” are lame attempts at fixing your problem, as they don’t get to the root cause.  The problem is that there’s too much alcohol in your brain because there’s too much alcohol in your bloodstream because there’s too much alcohol in your gut because you’re drinking too much. Just keep tabs on how much you’re drinking and scale it back, and maybe don’t even drink at all if this is something that is happening to you. If you’re blacking out every time you drink regardless of the safeguards that you take, the problem may be medical and perhaps bigger than just forgetting your nights.

Livin’ la vida loca,

Dear Connor,

Can you please give me some advice on how I should put in my contacts?  Or how I should do my laundry?

Your friend,
Parth Shah

Hey Parth,

I live with you so I can give you a tutorial on the laundry, but for all of my readers, I have one simple little piece of laundry advice.  Hand wash each item. Give each piece of laundry the care that it deserves. Show every sock, undergarment, pair of shorts, skirt, skort, and shirt how much you appreciate them. They’ll appreciate it in the end. With regard to contacts, I don’t use them, so the best advice that I can give is to get glasses.


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